The End of Coding? NVIDIA’s CEO Sparks Controversy with Bold Statement

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Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA
Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA

At a big event in Dubai called the World Government Summit, NVIDIA’s boss, Jensen Huang, shared his thoughts on what kids should and shouldn’t learn for the future. He surprised many by saying kids don’t really need to know how to code because AI can handle that now.

He pointed out that ten years ago, people thought learning to code was essential, and that made sense at the time. But now, with all the progress in AI, it’s like everyone can be a coder without actually learning to code.

NVIDIA Corp (NASDAQ:NVDA) Huang also mentioned that instead of making kids learn complex coding languages, we should work on making technology that understands simple human language. This means old coding languages like C++ or Java might not be needed in the future, as computers will understand us just like another person would.

Huang made a strong point by saying:

Years ago, everyone said it was crucial for kids to learn computer science and coding. But now, it’s almost the complete opposite. Our job is to make technology so easy that you don’t need to code at all. AI has made everyone capable of programming without learning it. That’s the real magic of AI.

After making this statement, Huang suggested that people should rather learn skills in more hands-on fields.

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He said becoming experts in areas like biology, education, making things, farming, and more, could be more useful. This way, people wouldn’t have to spend time learning to code and could focus on what humans do best. In the end, the only ‘language’ you really need to know is the one you’ve been speaking since you were born.

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